Systems Engineering: Holistic Life Cycle Architecture Modeling and Design with Real-World Applications (True EPUB)

English | 2022 | ISBN: 0367532808 | 385 Pages | True EPUB | 112 MB

This book provides a guide for systems engineering modeling and design. It focusses on the design life cycle with tools and application-based examples of how to design a system, focusing on incorporating systems principles and tools to ensure system integration. It provides a product-based and a service system examples to understand the models, tools, and activities to be applied to design and implement a system. First section explains systems principles, models and architecture for systems engineering, lifecycle models and the systems architecture. Further sections explain systems design, development and deployment lifecycle with applications and tools and advanced systems engineering topics.
Focusses on model-based systems engineering and describes the architecture of the systems design models.
Uses real-world examples to corroborate different and disparate systems engineering activities.
Describes and applies the Vee systems engineering design methodology, with cohesive examples and application of designing systems.
Discusses culture change and the skills people need to design and integrate systems.
Shows detailed and cohesive examples of the systems engineering tools throughout the systems engineering life cycle.
This book aims at Graduate students and Researchers in Systems engineering, Modeling and Simulation, any major engineering discipline, industrial engineering, and technology