The Art of Relaxation

Herman S. Schwartz | 2007 | ISBN: 8172241666 | English | 192 pages | PDF | 7 MB

Do you need more relaxation in your home? On your job? Are you tense while driving? Do you or your children have difficulty in studying? Do you become tense with your hobbies? Do your emotions get the best of you? Do you fear loss of your health? Is ambition driving you frantic? Do you get yourself upset in your attempt to go to sleep? Within this book, you will find ways to cope with these common life situations.
The text of THE ART OF RELAXATION is simple, persuasive, and insistent on essentials and needs no more than the few line drawings in it for anybody to follow the advice and practice the exercises recommended. This simple account of the teachings of psychology and physiology, about avoiding or curing the strains so many people work and live under, can be useful to almost anybody, and to many it could do more good than visits to the doctor when things go wrong.