The Flora and Fauna of Stanley Park: An Explorer’s Guide

English | June 14th, 2022 | ISBN: 1772034053 | 376 pages | True EPUB | 34.36 MB

A concise, full-colour guide to more than 200 native and introduced plant and animal species found in Vancouver’s famed city park.
Vancouver’s Stanley Park is known around the world as a natural oasis in the midst of Western Canada’s largest city. Unlike many urban parks, which are mostly cultivated, the 1,000-acre area now known as Stanley Park is part of the natural rainforest of this region. As much of this natural habitat has been preserved as parkland, Stanley Park is an accessible place to observe much of the native plant and animal life that can be found throughout the south coast of British Columbia and the Pacific Northwest.
The Flora and Fauna of Stanley Park is a practical and colourful keepsake, highlighting more than 200 trees, shrubs, wildflowers, berries, seaweeds, birds, land mammals, and shoreline creatures. With clear colour photography, detailed descriptions, etymology, and safety tips and warnings, this book is the perfect go-to guide for visitors to the park, and anyone interested in the rich biodiversity of the Vancouver area and beyond.