The Making of a Pandemic: Social, Political, and Psychological Perspectives on Covid-19

English | 2022 | ISBN: 978-3-031-04964-4 | 153 pages | True PDF, EPUB | 1.76 MB

The Making of a Pandemic provides a systematic account of how societal and psychological forces shaped the Covid-19 pandemic. The first part focuses on how biological and societal factors interact to create a pandemic. The second part explores how characteristics of the American economy, the American approach to public health, and domestic and international inequality combined to prolong the pandemic, hamper mitigation efforts, and arouse opposition to cooperation with public health measures. The third part examines the psychological processes that led to resistance to efforts to mitigate the pandemic and linked the resistance to right-wing ideologies. The book concludes by looking at the limits of the technical and medical reforms others have proposed to protect us from repetitions of the Covid-19 disaster and by calling for a “deep confrontation” with the societal and psychological factors that created and shaped the pandemic.
Comprehensive framework for understanding how sociological, political, and psychological factors interacted with biomedical factors to produce the Covid-19 disaster
Essential reader for understanding how to prevent future pandemics
Explores the sources of the widespread resistance to cooperating with mitigation efforts