The Remarkable Story of Vaccines: Milkmaid to Genome

English | 2022 | ISBN: 1032301988 | 111 pages | True PDF | 3.04 MB

This remarkable book tells you everything you need to know about vaccines. Having nearly 40 years’ experience of the subject, the author covers the history of vaccines, how they work, how research is carried out, their safety, how they are used in society, the inside track on COVID-19 and what the future holds. It is a deeply personal account, with anecdotes involving a cow called Blossom, a hospital in the Caribbean, a crocodile-infested lake in Malawi, an encounter with Russian soldiers in Prague and many others. An A-to-Z section covers every vaccine from Anthrax to Yellow Fever. It will educate, entertain and enlighten the vaccine scientific community and public health practitioners.
Key Features
• Explores a highly topical concept of vaccines in a comprehensive and easy-to-read manner
• Engages readers with relatable and interesting anecdotes
• Provides a balanced, factual counter to the huge amount of current vaccine misinformation