The Roads to Hillbrow: Making Life in South Africa’s Community of Migrants

English | ISBN: 0823299392 | 2022 | 320 pages | EPUB | 30 MB

This highly accessible portrayal of a post-apartheid neighborhood in transition analyzes the relationship between identity, migration, and place.
Since it was founded in 1894, amidst Johannesburg’s transformation from a mining town into the largest city in southern Africa, Hillbrow has been a community of migrants. As the “city of gold” accumulated wealth on the backs of migrant laborers from southern Africa, Jewish Eastern Europeans who had fled pogroms joined other Europeans and white South Africans in this emerging suburb. After World War II, Hillbrow became a landscape of high-rises that lured western and southern Europeans seeking prosperity in South Africa’s booming economy. By the 1980s, Hillbrow housed some of the most vibrant and visible queer spaces on the continent while also attracting thousands of Indian and Black South Africans who defied apartheid laws to live near the city center. Filling the void for a book about migration within the Global South,
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