The Story Works Guide to Writing Point of View: How to harness the power of POV and write amazing narratives.

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Fortunately for wise writers everywhere, author, writing coach, and renowned editor Alida Winternheimer takes a hands-on approach to this behemoth of story craft. In The Story Works Guide to Writing Point of View, she breaks the whole into manageable parts and delves deep, providing loads of examples that make the abstract concrete and the intangible tangible. In each chapter, Alida provides you with exercises designed to guide you to mastery. You’ll come away from reading this book with an understanding of point of view and how it functions in any story, but most importantly, how it functions in your stories.

“Those of you who agonize over point of view decisions have in front of you the definitive guide to point of view you’ve always wanted. Not only will Alida teach you how to improve your handle on first and third person and every variation between, but you’ll also find that her lessons take some of the fear and pain out of the writing process by helping you understand why to make certain choices, how to avoid common pitfalls in point of view, and how to use your strengths to your advantage. For the other type of writer, those driven by instincts, Alida will educate and inform you. You don’t know what you don’t know, after all. Here’s your master class. A great freedom comes from knowing your options. Even if you continue crafting stories based on your instincts, you’ll now do so with a well of wisdom at your fingertips.”

–M.G. Herron
Author of The Auriga Project

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