The Weekly Menu in a Jar: Full Meals for the Week in Mason Jars

English | ISBN: B09JLVV29T | 66 pages | PDF, EPUB, AZW | 2021 | 31 MB

Mason jars are a DIY craze of their own, but have you ever stopped to consider their meal potential? Mason jars are sturdy and close really well, which are great qualities for on-the-go meal containers. Plus, they look extremely chic! Fine, you may not be doing it for Instagram, but if your mason jars can look great and keep your food leak-free, then why not give them a try once and for all?
“The Weekly Menu in a Jar” has all the meals and cravings, savory and sweet, that you could possibly imagine for your weekly menu! Once you start relying on these cute crystal jars for your meals, we promise you’ll never go back!