The Wonder Mom Cookbook: Quick Meals for Kiddos of Busy Moms

English | ISBN: B09JLYZZF7 | 73 pages | PDF, EPUB, AZW | 2021 | 35 MB

When we think of Wonder Woman, we think of all the moms in the world. They are loving, supportive, and sometimes, even a little busy, but that doesn’t make them any less wonderful – in fact, quite the opposite. We’re not sure if you’re a full-time mom or working full-time, half-time, or even working two shifts… All we know is you’re a true wonder mom and need our help.
The Wonder Mom Cookbook’s 25+ recipes will help you feed your kiddos (and yourself) in as quickly as 20 minutes with the help of quick breakfast bowls, Instant Pot and Slow Cooker meals, as well as some easy desserts, so what are you waiting for?