Tropical Mango Vibes: The Mango Cookbook You Needed in Life

English | ISBN: B09JMM7L39 | 60 pages | PDF, EPUB, AZW | 2021 | 24 MB

Mangos should be everyone’s favorite fruit because they remind us of summer and tropical islands. They’re also super refreshing and great for a bunch of recipes, both savory and sweet! So right now, you may not be able to buy a one-way ticket to paradise, but why not try a simple mango recipe?
With Tropical Mango Vibes, you will find all of the mango recipes you need to make your life a little more relaxing and tropical. Where are you headed today on your mango holiday? Miami? Bora Bora? Cancun? These recipes will take you around the world with a bit of help from our friends… the mangos!