What If? Volume 1

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What If? Volume 1
Edited by Richard A. Lupoff
Read by Roy Avers
Encode: mp3 – 64kbps, Mono, 44.1KHz
Total # of Tracks: 17
Total Play time: 11:36:38


Collection of seven science-fiction stories that were first published in the 1950s. Includes an introduction covering the history of the Hugo awards and the story, “Two Dooms,” by Cyril Kornbluth, which depicts a grim future world in which the Nazis and Japanese won World War II.

Stories in this collection:

01) Earned Glory by Richard A. Lupoff
02) Firewater! by William Tenn
03) Four in One by Damon Knight
04) The Golden Helix by Theodore Sturgeon
05) One Ordinary Day, with Peanuts by Shirley Jackson
06) The Man Who Came Early by Poul Anderson
07) The Mile-Long Spaceship by Kate Wilhelm
08) Two Dooms by C. M. Kornbluth

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