Wild Animal Neighbors: Sharing Our Urban World

English | ISBN: 0761390219 | 2013 | pages | PDF | 20 MB

What would you do if you found an alligator in your garage? Or if you spotted a mountain lion downtown? In cities and suburbs around the world, wild creatures are showing up where we least expect them. Not all of them arrive by accident, and some are here to stay. As the human population tops seven billion, animals are running out of space. Their natural habitats are surrounded―and sometimes even replaced―by highways, shopping centers, office parks, and subdivisions. The result? A wildlife invasion of our urban neighborhoods.
What kinds of animals are making cities their new home? How can they survive in our ecosystem of concrete, steel, and glass? And what does their presence there mean for their future and ours? Join scientists, activists, and the folks next door on a journey around the globe to track down our newest wild animal neighbors. Discover what is bringing these creatures to our backyards―and how we can create spaces for people and animals to live side by side.
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