Yes! I Am Fed Up. Now What? 4 Self-Driven Steps to Move Your Well-Being and Work Forward

English | November 24, 2021 | ISBN: 0979093279 | 214 pages | EPUB | 0.36 Mb

If you placed all the activity cards representing your life on the table, what would you learn needs improvement? Maybe you’d like to be a better…spouse, parent, son, daughter, sibling, friend, neighbor, church member, employee, co-worker, leader, etcetera. All of us can be better at something, but it’s hard to be better when you’re FED UP! It’s hard to recognize, appreciate, and use your gifts and talents to the fullest and MOVE forward to pursue a life that will leave a lasting, memorable, and positive impact on those who cross your path in your personal and professional life.
In her dynamic, inspiring, and well-timed new book, Yes! I AM FED UP. Now What? 4 Self-Driven Steps to Help MOVE Your Well-Being and Work Forward, author Bridgette L. Collins provides a guide to help readers master, omit, visualize, and execute-MOVE-through four steps, Self-Analysis, Self-Transformation, Self-Evolution, and Self-Narration, to be a better version of themselves. To offer you a variety of perspectives on common life and workplace scenarios, Bridgette invited five people who have consistently possessed a relentless focus on being better and doing more with their lives to share some points for consideration.
Each chapter will end with a rest stop exercise. The rest stops include a sign that says, “Be…” Each rest stop “Be…” is created to focus your attention on actions you can take to be a better version of yourself. The corresponding rest stop exercise will provide an opportunity to analyze and write down things you can master, omit, visualize, and execute, and it will guide you on addressing your “right now” and future dreams, initiatives, and pursuits. In the Your Under-Construction Worksheets section, you’ll find several worksheets to help you expand your MOVE by planning and acting on what’s necessary to flourish beyond your “right now.”
To excel in life whether in personal or professional endeavors, we must MOVE with passion, purpose, and intention. Don’t let your past create a narrative you can’t escape. Instead, be committed to living a life that matters-one that is filled with peace, joy, health, happiness, passion, purpose, and fulfillment.